Who We Are

Iris Global Electives

Electives have become a great avenue for students to explore first-hand, quality learning experiences both locally and internationally. Securing such opportunities have often proved difficult, if not impossible, especially for students in Africa and other developing countries.

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Why use Us?

Culture. Fun. Learn.



Our mission-driven orientation and the vast partnership we have succeeded in building overtime with numerous preceptors, organizations and governmental agencies across the globe ensures that the system we operate is not only effective, but also reliable.


We run a 24-hour information system to ensure that we are there whenever you need to reach us for any reason(s), to take the stress and guesswork out of the procedure, and also to give you as many quality options as possible.

Wide Reach

Easily the largest network for exchange/elective programs across the globe, we boast of a far-reaching network the world over aimed at offering you a limitless list of opportunities to improve the quality and luxury of your choice.


Unlike other programs, we are here with you from the beginning to the end. We provide assistance with accommodation and visa applications providing you with visa support letters and letters from the preceptor/institution.

Featured Destinations

Our electives are around the Globe

We have made this experience very affordable for the participants who are motivated and eager to benefit from it and we have partnered with various reputable traveling agencies to provide discounted travel costs to the participants. We are eager to have you and ensure a personal and exciting experience for you throughout your elective.