About Us

Who We Are

Electives have become a great avenue for students to explore first-hand, quality learning experiences both locally and internationally. Securing such opportunities have often proved difficult, if not impossible, especially for students in Africa and other developing countries. This birthed the concept of Iris Global Learning Opportunities(IGLO).

IGLO has become in the past few years, the ultimate elective platform, geared toward harnessing the unlimited academic opportunities that abound across the globe.

We are motivated to seek out the best opportunities all over the world and offer the most reliable and affordable services to students who are willing to explore better learning experiences and have an edge in their careers.

How We Work

We are eager to have you and ensure a personal and exciting experience for you throughout your elective. Accessing our program requires the following:

  • Motivation – Your eagerness to learn is the basis of what we Our mission is geared towards ensuring that the restrictions to learning for undergraduates and graduates seeking to improve on their knowledge, are reduced to the barest minimum; as well as to increase the opportunities to experience their profession outside their immediate environment, and help in improving service delivery at home.
  • Eligibility – To take part in our program, you must be enrolled in an accredited university program or be a recent graduate of an accredited institution. Added to this, proof of eligibility is required in the form of a letter of introduction/good standing from the institution of enrollment, or a valid degree
  • Application – There are various opportunities available. You can search and select placements, and then apply from your account.
  • Payment – The cost for each placement defers. The specific cost for each placement will be listed in the placement description.
  • Required Documentation – Each placement has specific requirements. These can be found in the description of the placement. A CV is however required for all applications.
  • Preparing for your placement
    • Visa– We will provide support documents(invitation and acceptance letters), to make visa applications The most needed visa will be a visitor/tourist visa, but cases may vary. Adequate information will be provided.
    • Accommodation – IGLO has partnered with a lot of providers to provide discounted offers, based on the site of your placement. It is however your responsibility to pay and secure accommodation. We will be here to assist in any way we can.
    • Insurance – We have also partnered with major insurance companies to provide the best possible coverage, as recommended by the embassies/institutions.
    • Arrival/Reporting – Arrival Information, as well as schedule will be relayed to you in time before the start of your experience.
    • Recommendation – If you will require a recommendation letter, or an evaluation filled, please inform your preceptor within the first week of your placement, so as to give them ample time to prepare.

So, join us on this life changing experience. Apply now!!!